I'm Rachel Elaine Hsu (ˈshü), illustrator and pigeon enthusiast located in New York, NY. I am the studio manager for Zoë Buckman and a research assistant at the Last Podcast on the Left.

Freelance illustration commissions are always open! If you have an idea for a special project, give me a holler.

As a researcher, I specialize in art history, historical crime, and the politics and aesthetics of death. My thesis at Barnard College of Columbia University is an argument for the significant visual impact of the Bubonic Plague in the late medieval period.

I’m also a serial host of dinners and cocktail parties. Live in NYC? Drop your name and number in the contact form to get an invite.

Photo by  Abraham Gross .

Photo by Abraham Gross.


Good things come to those who scroll. Here’s my face.

Photos all by the inimitable Abraham Gross, except for the one with Kamala Harris. I don’t remember who took it. But it was a good day.